PS: Amino Acid Supplement for Sleep

Somedays it seems I spend the entire day in a fog. Reminding myself why I went upstairs (if I can remember why..),rummaging for sticky notes that had my to-do list on it, accidentally not putting the car in park, whoopsy!

Then come bed time, I lay down my heavy-feeling head excited for sleep when all of a sudden, as I lay in bed patiently awaiting sleep, every good idea I have ever had comes rushing in! 

To-do list

Suddenly I can write that entire blog post in my head, and oh! that’s another great idea for a book I could write. I know how I’ll organize the closet that’s been driving me crazy! I should call so-and-so… and yet it’s almost midnight. If I get up and write that blog post, which I have done, I’ll be up ’til 3 am. Not good for my sleep schedule or my day tomorrow! 

I’ve tried all kinds of sleep meds and supplements including Intermezzo, Melatonin, Magnesium, etc.. to no avail. But, now I have found one that works for my particular situation! I figured I would share it because if my doc hadn’t suggested it I would have never heard of it and I do a fair amount of research on these things. 


It is referred to as PS

Phosphatidylserene is an amino acid. There are twenty amino acids that the human body needs to function properly. Eight of these are essential amino acids (or essential fatty acids). Because our body does not make these amino acids itself we need to get them from our diet. Phosphatidylserine is one of these essential “fatty acids”. So this is a supplement that our body needs that, taken within the proper dosage, has no side effects.

Wikipedia states that this amino acid may have the ability to help with ADHD, memory, and high cortisol levels. I’m assuming high cortisol levels is what keeps me up at night and that the PS is, in fact, lowering my cortisol levels and relaxing my mind to settle in to sleep (lab results have shown that my cortisol levels are often higher at 11 pm than any other time of day, this is not normal. Cortisol levels tend to peak in the morning and lower throughout the day). 

So if you’ve tried everything and would like to try one more or you suspect your cortisol levels might be high at night, check it out! I bought mine from Whole Foods (pictured above), but you can get them from most health food stores and the internet (A website that I trust and has free, quick shipping is

Do you have any tricks that help you get to sleep?